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My Friend’s Mother Chapter 4 (2017)

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My Friend’s Mother Chapter 4 (2017) sinopsis Episode 1
Takashi who came to play Akira’s house saw the mom of a friend
Her energetic heart is full of soul.
From that day onwards to see your aunt
Takashi arrives at Akira’s house every day and finds out that she divorced two years ago,
Since then, Takashi’s concentration on his lady has continued
Akira’s mother also craves sex with Takashi.
Episode 2
A mother who divorces her husband and raises her son Yuichi alone
One day my son brings a friend named Tatsuya home,
I brought my friend home for the first time.
Mom is happy to Tatsuya well.
However, Tatsuya becomes sexually attractive to Yuichi’s mother
My friend touches Yuichi ‘s mother when she is away.
However, there was not a situation in which a relationship could hardly be created.
Tatsuya is rushed to Yuichi’s mother.

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